Friday, 1 April 2016

The Steamer in all its glory.

Well I got there at last. i am still tinkering, adding bits and bobs here and there but on the whole it is done. The wheels and tyres have been given a make over to make them look much more realistic and will soon be fitted with bearings so when the vehicle moves the wheels will go round. The motors fitted are only 300w and were only ever designed to manoeuvre the vehicle around to help place it at events. What I am seriously considering is seeing if I can get this thing moving properly.The weight will still be supported on the quad wheels underneath so the big foam wheels do not have to take any weight. To stop them getting damaged the bearings will allow them to rotate and swing arms which are already fitted will allow the foam tyres to move up and down. 
There are two options, electric and gas. A VW Beatle chassis with the body lowered on or much bigger 1000w motors and keep the whole vehicle RC. 

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