Sunday, 19 July 2015

Steampunk Batmobile

The Batmobile project has been in the pipeline for a number of months now butt needed a great deal of planning to make it become a reality. Cost was another factor as a project like this can easily spiral out of control. Planning for this project started in January 2015. I have lost track with the number of drawings I have completed and number of pictures of the Tumbler I have studied.
Initially I was going to try and produce a replica but as time went on and my other Steampunk machines seem to get more and more attention I decided that I was going to create the ultimate Steampunk Machine.
The Tumbler will be recognisable as the Batmobile but will have that unique Podpadstudios Steampunk treatment.
The project will not be a working vehicle but instead a full size model. It will have loads of features including working sounds system, lights, animatronic batman driving it and lots more.
The project will take some time and the deadline is set for March 2016.
The Batmobile will be bookable at events from April onwards.

Schedule: August: 2015. Work on main body and wheels. Tyres will be completed.
Septmeber 2015.             Most of the structural work completed
October 2015.                 Main structure waterproof and painted.
December 2015.              Work on the interior starts not the main structure is waterproof.
Feb 2016.                        Steampunk adaptations added.
March 2016.                    Final touches.Work on trailer.
April 2016.                      Ready for events.

Now at the end of the first week this is the build so far. Instead of the sliding canopy I decided to go Lamborghini style with a gul wing door, adds a bit of style.

Beginning of week 2

Loads of the external panels are now complete, not for the hard work.

About half way through week two now

Most of the main wooden structure is now complete. I will soon need to start on the metal work but before that hours of filling and sanding will start.

Managed to pick  a couple of very cheap bucket racing seats up of eBay, should be idea.

The Gul wing door is now working correctly and much lighter.

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