Saturday, 15 August 2015

Week five.

It has taken me two days to get the Gul Wing door to work. Initially I used a simple pivot to open the door then fitted gas struts to keep the door open, seemed simple, until the entire door frame splintered and self destructed. I tried again and this time the gas struts pushed through the roof section taking most of the roof out. The gas struts are now gone and a new hinge system is in use to open the door. The door will remain open at events anyway so I have adopted a simple prop to keep the door open.
Clearly you can't mix gas struts and a wood structure, it does not work.
Next problem is weather proofing the door which is a real pain, who ever invented the Gul Wing door, what were they thinking.
Another problem is the finish. The matt textured finish looks great but saints really quickly especially when it rains. Looks like I will have to apply some sort of Matt varnish or sealant.

Rear wings have been cut and fitted to see if they look ok. 
Tyres will arrive next week so it will hopefully make progress a bit quicker.

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